You Can Have A Comfortable, Healthy, Money-Saving Home In Louisiana!

You Can Have A Comfortable, Healthy, Money-Saving Home In Louisiana!

We are pleased to work on both residential and commercial projects. The materials we use are all green.

This latest innovation in insulation was even featured on the ABC television show, Extreme Home Makeover.

Once you install spray foam insulation in your home or business, you will save anywhere from 35 to 50% on your heating and cooling bill every month.

Additionally you will see low, long-term maintenance costs, effective sound insulation, added structural strength and resistance to mold, pests and pollutants.

Insulating all of South Louisiana,
One structure at a time.

Higher Resale Value
In 2008 research showed that 80% of Americans were willing to pay more for a green home. That means energy efficiency not only saves you money month after month, it also puts more money in your pocket when it comes time to sell. That's like owning a stock that puts large dividends in your pocket each month while increasing in value.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs
The #1 reason people invest in spray foam insulation is to save money on heating and cooling their home. The U.S. Department of Energy states that 40% of the heating and cooling in a home can be saved by sealing air leaks. With heating and cooling costs skyrocketing, this makes it more and more important to plug the hole in your pocket.

More Comfortable
Spray foam provides a tight air seal, and a home without air seeping through it is much more comfortable. First, it retains the conditioned air that you set on your thermostat. So, your thermostat no longer says 70 in the winter as you shiver with drafts and wear long johns because it's 55 in your home. Second, spray foam removes drafts that are distinctly annoying and noticeable. Cold floors are not very pleasant - just imagine if your floors actually were room temperature like they should be. You'd let your kids play on them again. Friends and neighbors who visit would envy your draft free rooms and warm floors. When your energy costs are lower and you don't feel drafts, and you don't worry about mold or moisture or pests, you're just going to be more comfortable. That's easy to take for granted. However, peace of mind is truly a wonderful thing.